Selling Digital Stock Photos Part 6

Approaching Clients Directly

You MUST try to sell pictures directly to publishers,magazines ,Calendar and Postcard companies – apart from anything else you don’t have to pay anyone commission and you can get a good relationship going with the customer.

Fees vary wildly but range from $ 100 up to $Thousands.
(Fees of $ 250 to $500 are not uncommon)

Initially ,send your pictures on  PPC Agency USA   a CD – with your name and address on the cd itself with a marker pen (and enclose return postage if you want the cd back)
but ALWAYS send a printed contact sheet of what’s on the CD
Don’t worry – the customer won’t rip them off – after all you still have the originals don’t you ?
If you live in the USA you must register your pictures for copyright purposes. Elsewhere it’s automatic – you take it – it’s Yours !
This is so the customer can see the pictures at a glance.
Customers of big Calendar and poster companies get hundreds of cd’s every week.

Don’t forget that you will be competing with the best and most experienced photographers in the World (oh yes .. and with ME ! (Grin))
Customers in this sector actually PREFER to deal direct with photographers.

It’s amazing how many photographers send in cd’s without their name on the cd or any captions. You just won’t get it back – or get paid !
A CAPTION SHEET that the customer can relate to the photos is essential (put your Name & Address on all paperwork)Enclose a brief covering letter.
Don’t make it too long – the customer is ONLY interested in the pictures – NOT in your life history ….

Remember that customers get hundreds of submissions in EVERY week- so don’t bug them for a quick response please.
Customers will probably refuse to see you in person as they are constantly
bombarded with new photo-submissions. The cd option is the one to go with.
The main thing to avoid though is an e-mail submission of photos.
Think about it – hundreds of unsolicited photos from thousands of photographers
clogging up the incoming mailbox ! PLEASE DON’T DO IT !!!

All these things apply to direct submissions to customers or Agents/Libraries.
There’s not much difference now between a photolibrary and an agency
Agents represent a very few photographers and market just their work.
You can also put your pictures with smaller photolibraries like Fotolibra
who charge storage space and minimal commission fees (
That’s worth investigating.

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